The Ultimate Guide To 48 Hours In Las Vegas.

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Hi, I'm Anastasiya

To showcase Las Vegas.

Listen up…

I know you’ve heard some gruesome stories about Las Vegas, but hear me out.

One person’s experience does define an entire city, and I promise you…

When you enter through the golden gates of Sin City (metaphorically)…You truly enter a different world where lust, light, and limitlessness are indulged.

It’s surreal – like a dream.

A fantastically f***ing weird dream, but also a really cool dream that you can’t (won’t) experience anywhere else.

It’s a beautiful desert daze.

And although it may feel like too much sometimes…

This is where any wild idea can come to life and be celebrated.

Sure, can it be dirty, chaotic, and overwhelming? Maybe even a bit regretful?


But aren’t all the most exciting places like that?

Vegas is your opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and color outside the lines, it’s practically therapeutic. So, looks like Vegas is actually good for you…

And since you’ve decided to visit Sin City, you’re going to need a Travel Guide. How else are you going to buzz right by the chaos and go straight into fun and flare? Exactly, we’re on the same page.

So in that case, here is The Ultimate Travel Guide To 48 Hours In Las Vegas.

Oh, by the way. Did I mention I’ve been to Vegas 25 times? I know that kind of sounds creepy…

But, my family used to road trip from Colorado to Vegas every year (sometimes 2x a year). It’s a core memory, and although I’m not a Vegas local…I practically feel like it.

So you’re in good hands here.

Day 1: The Morning.

Okay, let’s imagine you flew into Vegas last night and you’re waking up to your official first day.

How do we start? With the good stuff…


I gotta be honest, breakfast is kind of hard to find on The Strip.

So there’s a few ways you can go about this:

  1. Find Breakfast at Your Hotel.
  2. Go To Another Hotel.
  3. Get Off The Strip.

Sounds (stupidly) simple enough, but this takes a little bit of thinking ahead.

You’d be surprised but most hotels may have only 1, maybe 2, proper breakfast options – many, if not all, have brunch, but that’s in the middle of the day and we’re hungry right now. And depending on where you’re staying, you might not want what they offer.


Base breakfast on what you plan on doing afterward.

If you want to go to the pool afterward…you may not necessarily want to get all dolled up and drive to the other side of The Strip.

Or, depending on what time you wake up (for sure)…

You may want to sleep in, munch on a protein bar, sip a mojito, and hold out until lunch/brunch.

So chat with your people and make a decision the night before so you’re not all standing around the hotel lobby Googling “Where to have breakfast in Vegas” as the hangry-ones start to get hangry…

I’m coming from experience, baby, it’s not a good time.

So, let me save you the trouble and recommend my TOP CHOICES for breakfast.

Mon Ami Gabi, Las Vegas

Mon Ami GabiParis Hotel & Casino

This is the IDEAL choice, in my opinion. The location, menu, and service make Mon Ami Gabi the perfect choice for anyone. Let me paint the picture for you…

It’s located at the Paris Hotel & Casino which is located practically in the middle of The Strip, right across from the Bellagio Hotel & Casino.

And as you enter the lobby of the Paris Hotel, you immediately turn left, arrive at Mon Ami Gabi, and you instantly walk into one of the most darling Parisian-inspired cafes you’ll find in Vegas.

It’s a breath of fresh air every single time I walk in.

Personally, I like to request a table that’s on the patio, but partially inside the restaurant – ideal for enjoying the heat of the desert sun while cooling off from the wonderful AC and fan.

And did I mention the menu? As soon as the doors open at 7 am (yes 7 am), you have your choice of offerings like:

Egg Omelets

  • Love the Ham & Cheese Omelet.

Eggs Benedict

  • My mom loves the Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict.

Breakfast Specials

  • The French Toast with Blueberry Syrup is lovely.


  • Chocolate-Hazelnut Waffle…after a night out? Oh yes.

And if you like a bit of spice in the morning, Gabi’s Bloody Mary is fantastic & refreshing.

Honorable Mentions

EggslutThe Cosmopolitan

Cool place, but the lines are too long and it’s pretty pricey for just an egg sandwich. You could easily just hop down to McDonald’s and grab an Egg McMuffin.

Right next to Eggslut is The Juice Standard which has delightfully refreshing cold-pressed juice. I LOVE to grab a few to enjoy throughout the day. Just in case, here’s the menu to look over.


A classic around town that screams Viva Las Vegas.

You’ll find Peppermill located between the Wynn and Resorts World, which is perfect for anyone staying further down on The Strip.

It’s a fabulous spot for a hardy breakfast in the heart of Vegas. Here’s the menu.

The HenryThe Cosmopolitan

Unintentionally we’re back at The Cosmo…but for good reason!

If you’re interested in a bit of an upscale, sit-down breakfast, then you’ll love The Henry. Here’s the menu.

Next Stop: Explore The Strip

Vegas is a playground of infinite options, which means there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Seriously, there’s more to Vegas than just shots and slots…

Although if you’re into that, enjoy yourself, but for the rest of you…

Here are 3 things I always do anytime I visit Vegas:

Bellagio Botanical Garden & Ceasars Palace

Truly, the Bellagio Conservatory & Gardens, Bellagio’s Opus, is a spectacle all in itself.

As soon as you walk into the Bellagio Hotel & Casino, you feel a whimsical breeze of tropical flowers hit you (which is unusual for the desert), and it pulls you in.

With the transition of seasons brings a new beautiful, imaginative, and jaw-dropping 14,000 sq ft installation right in the middle of the Bellagio. If there’s one thing you have to see, it’s this.

It’s mesmerizing.

And while you’re already here, you can walk around the corner and grab some gelato at Bellagio Patisserie, which is also home to the World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain.

It’s wonderful, delicious, and such a treat.

The gelato, not the fountain…

Once you get your gorgeous gelato…

You can take the pedestrian ramp to Ceasars Palace. Specifically, we’re walking to the Forum Shops, the epicenter of shopping on The Strip.

With nearly 160 stores and restaurants, it’s a fashionista’s fairytale.

You’ll find the world’s most desired brands like Versace, Bottega Veneta, and Dolce & Gabbana, but also popular brands like Good American, Glossier, and Lululemon

It’s got it all.

This is the perfect place to shop but also to enjoy exploring all these different brands you always see online but don’t get to see in your everyday life. And did I mention this is all inside?

You can spend HOURS here escaping the heat, finding your favorite stores, and indulging in the delicious cuisine spread out throughout the hotel.

And once you get hungry…

Here are 3 restaurants at Ceasars Palace I recommend to anyone:

  • If you want something fresh and uplifting, True Food is wonderful – ideal for a light lunch.
Bellagio Hotel & Casino Pool

Palomas at The Pool

Okay, we can’t talk about daytime festivities without mentioning one of the craziest daytime experiences you can have in Vegas…

That’s right, we’re talking about The Dayclubs, aka epic pool parties.

Just to be honest, I have yet to attend a Dayclub…

Mostly because if I’m going to drink, I save it for the nighttime. That being said, if you’re interested in experiencing a quintessential perk of Vegas, I recommend attending a Dayclub either at your hotel or one of your choosing.

If you prefer a more relaxed, low-key experience, I highly recommend you still go to the pool, just not the Dayclub, and if you’re confused, most hotels separate the Dayclub from the rest of the pool since you have to pay to get in.

This is a bonus for people who want to just bake in the sun and drink their Paloma’s in peace…more or less, it’s Vegas, this isn’t where we go for peace, we come to play.

If you’d like a list of the Vegas Pool Parties schedule, you can visit the link here.

Nonetheless, here’s a quick list of 3 fabulous Vegas pools…

I could spend all day at these pools.

The List

You see the pictures above, it’s literally heaven. It felt like I was in the middle of an Italian garden.

Ahh, The Venetian is beyond beautiful. Feels a bit smaller than other resort pools, but maybe more relaxing than the others. Less noisy.

Straightforward layout, but so much fun. Here, I always know I’m going to have a good time.

Enjoy Exploring The Hotels

Okay, the last daytime activity I know you’ll enjoy is picking a group of hotels to explore.

So, although The Strip is only roughly 4 miles long, it’s still exhausting and impossible to visit all of them over a weekend, and because they’re all so interesting and wild to enjoy…

You’ll need to section off which hotels you want to explore.

Option 1 –

You can kick-off in:

Now that sounds like a fabulous start to the day.

Option 2 –

  • If you want a quick bite after breakfast or something sweet, The Venetian Resort is the place to indulge. Classics like Black Tap, Donutique, and Miznon are fabulous choices.
  • Once you’ve indulged a bit, it’s time to explore the hotel and everything it offers. I recommend starting off at The Grand Canal Shoppes, and if you’re in the mood, reserve a Gondola Ride, then if you’re in the mood for something unique, visit the Minus 5 Ice Bar.
  • And just in case you’re hungry again, I love Buddy V’s Ristorante for lunch.
  • After you’ve explored The Venetian, hop over to Wynn and marvel at the magic. If all you do at Wynn is walk around and enjoy the beauty, that’s perfect. But for the ultimate experience, I recommend starting off at the atrium, a beautiful display of colorful flowers. Then, walk through The Shops and admire the designer boutiques like Balmain, Loewe, and even October’s Very Own.
  • After all that exploring, if you want to take a break, I recommend taking a seat at Urth Caffé and grabbing one of their special espresso drinks, organic tea drinks, or smoothies.
  • And since you’re already in the area, you can take a quick Lyft Ride to one of Vegas’ newest and coolest hotels Resorts World. But if I were you, I’d save this for the evening…

Time To Roll Into The Night…

So, we’ve explored The Strip, spent our money, and ate our way through the resorts…

Now, it’s time to head back to your hotel, take a power nap, sip a shot of espresso, and put on an outfit that makes you feel confident (shimmer preferred) and ready to party.

The question now is…

How do we spend our 1st night in Sin City?

Ooof, do I have some ideas for you…First off, we gotta start with fuel, right?

Aka, experience some of the world’s most exciting dining experiences, curated and crafted by the most remarkable restaurants to have earned Michelin recognition in Las Vegas.

Or, just eat some damn good food.

To simplify the search, here are…

3 Restaurant Options For Your First Night In Vegas That I LOVE. 

Morimoto at MGM Grand

Their tagline is “The Iron Chef Has Arrived” and boy are they right.

The in-house Iron Chef and Owner of Morimoto Restaurants, Masaharu Morimoto, is a master of his craft and his cuisine is a dream.

Menu Recommendations:

  • Tuna Tacos.
  • Maguro and Unagi Sushi.
  • Crispy Whole Fish.

Cipriani at Wynn

Oh my goodness gracious, Cipriani is heavenly.

If you’re in the mood to feel glamorous while falling in love with the food, then make a reservation ASAP. This is the loveliest restaurant for a romantic evening or to celebrate a special occasion.

Menu Recommendations:

  • Baby Artichoke With Avocado And Shaved Parmigiano.
  • Homemade Spinach And Ricotta Ravioli With Butter And Sage – YES.
  • Bellini – Classic Cocktail.

Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen at Ceasars Palace

So, I briefly mentioned Hell’s Kitchen, but it’s worth noting as a must-try.

If you’re obsessed with his hit show Hell’s Kitchen, then you absolutely have to reserve a table here, you’re gonna love it and be obsessed.

Or, if you want to experience world-famous dishes from a world-famous chef, then this has to be #1 on your list.

It’s right outside of Ceasars Palace and has an epic entrance.

Menu Recommendations:

  • Seared Fois Gras.
  • Steak Tartare.
  • Pan Seared Scallops.
  • Beef Wellington.
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Time To Party

We’re dressed, we’re fed, now we’re ready to party…What shall we do?

I’ve got some ideas for you.

Option 1: OMNIA Nightclub

Yep, we’re starting strong with the go-to nightclub in Las Vegas that everyone should experience at least once…

Omnia at Ceasars Palace.

It’s a very exciting way to celebrate your first night, it’s personally my favorite way to kick off a Vegas trip.

If you’re not into loud music, this isn’t for you. If you’d like to still hang out in Ceasars Palace but prefer to sit somewhere beautiful and enjoy a delicious drink and appetizers with friends…

The Vanderpump Cocktail Lounge is going to be a great choice for you.

If you’re obsessed with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, then you have to visit Vanderpump Cocktail Lounge, it’s gorgeous, whimsical, and screams Lisa Vanderpump.

This is what I loved from the menu:

  • Truffle Potato Chips
  • Goat Cheese Balls
  • The Vanderpink Margarita
  • Checkmate Bitch
  • Matcha Matcha Man

So fabulous, I was freaking out.

Option 2: The Pinky Ring

If you’ve never heard of The Pinky Ring, it may just be your next favorite cocktail bar.

This is an ultra-sexy new cocktail bar and entertainment lounge created and curated by the one and only Bruno Mars at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino.

This is a unique spot that most don’t know about yet, which is exactly why this should be at the top of your list of Vegas experiences.

The most fabulous thing about it?

An extensive list of cocktails and no phones allowed.

Oof, that’s sexy.

FYI: Food is not served. So eat up before and sip your cocktails slowly.

Option 3: Rollercoaster Under The Stars

Maybe this isn’t the best idea after dinner and drinks, but, maybe that’s what makes it so much fun.

The Big Apple Coaster at New York-New York Hotel & Casino is a Vegas landmark in itself and one of the first attractions that welcomes visitors to Las Vegas.

Just so you know, the drop at the top isn’t too severe and if you love adrenaline, you’re gonna love this ride.

It’s not every day you can say you rode a rollercoaster on The Strip.

Day 2

Okay, I’m assuming you partied hard last night and stayed out late enjoying Day 1.

In this case, I’m going to assume you want to sleep in, then get hashbrowns and hydration. If I were you, I would stay in bed, drink electrolytes, and order room service.

Seriously, do it, it’s the best.

And then, get your bikini or briefs on get your butt down to the pool to get some sun, and probably take a nap, then eat lots of snacks.

After The Nap and Snacks…

Alright, you’re back from the pool and you and your friends are ready for lunch.

What are our options? Oooh, I’ve got 3 excellent choices for you…

First Choice: Kassi Beach House at Virgin Hotels

Kassi Beach House is a beautiful restaurant at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas that offers authentic coastal Italian cuisine poolside.

It truly feels like you’ve been transported to the coast of Italy, which is a refreshing break from the desert heat, and if you’d like a pick me up after lunch, stop by the Funny Library Coffee Shop.

Second Choice: Casa Calavera at Virgin Hotels

Ahh, there’s no better combo for lunch then tacos & tequila, and Casa Calavera is a top choice for a fun, energetic ambiance, and fantastic food and drinks. A top choice.

Third Choice: The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas

You know, sometimes all we want is a luxurious buffet with endless options, and this is the place for it.

Now, if you want something a little simpler but just as delicious (and a little more authentic), take a Lyft to Tacos El Gordo on Las Vegas Blvd.

It’s usually a long line, but so worth the wait for authentic Tijuana tacos.

A Little Bit of Mystère

When Sin City’s sun starts to set, all the sinners come out to play…

That’s us! So, what are we doing tonight?

Fall In Love at Cirque du Soleil

I say “fall in love” because the world of Cirque du Soleil fills me up with so much love and light that I can’t help but feel like I’m on Cloud 9 anytime I watch any of their shows.

And I’ve seen nearly all of them…some even twice.

I’m definitely the undeclared spokesperson for Cirque du Soleil and always recommend (demand actually) to anyone visiting Vegas to absolutely see a show.

It’s magical!

HOT TIP: Pay attention to the show schedule. Not all shows are on every night.

Here Are My Two Favorites:

Mystère at Treasure Island

I’ve seen this show 3 times. It’s so beautiful, whimsical, and hilarious.

A must-see, a must-experience.

“O” at The Bellagio Hotel & Casino

“O” is particularly unique because it’s known as the “original water show”.

The entire performance is centered on and above a pool of water 25 feet deep and filled with 1.5 million gallons of water. You’ll be mouthing “wow” the entire time, guaranteed.

Other Unique Experiences

High-Roller at The Linq

Officially the largest observation wheel in North America, the High Roller soars 550 feet above The Strip and allows for 360-degree views of Vegas.

It’s a great choice for those who want to see The Strip in a unique way and in an air-conditioned cabin.

Swingers Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

Something brand new coming to Vegas in the Fall of 2024 is Swingers Las Vegas.

This new attraction in Las Vegas is one of a kind, for sure. They’ve got five 9-hole crazy golf courses, cocktail bars, gourmet street food, live DJs, and more.

It feels like mini-golf within the world of Alice in Wonderland…

This sounds like so much fun, I’m in.

Lake of Dreams at Wynn

A beautiful, imaginative, and complimentary show every night at the Wynn.

Created with 5,500 LED lights, framed by a 90-foot performance waterfall, and 1,500 pine trees, the mind-blowing visuals were designed by a world-class team of designers, which includes Emmy-award-winning director Kenny Ortega.

This is a perfect, hidden spot for anyone who wants to eat mouth-watering cuisine, enjoy specialty drinks, and bond with friends while watching a secret show.

Aria Resort & Casino

The Final Hours

There’s just something about taking a bath after a night of pure fun in a beautiful hotel room that simply screams heaven.

Especially if you’ve got some snacks and chocolate to indulge in at the same time.

So, whichever hotel you end up staying in, take some time after your night out to enjoy something truly delicious, like a beautiful, hot bath overlooking The Strip.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how you spend two glorious nights in Las Vegas. At least that’s how I would.

So next time you’re on your way to Sin City…

Consider adding some of these ideas to your itinerary, then come back and let us know how it went.



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