A Toast To The Ones Who Dream.

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Hi, I'm Anastasiya

Dreaming is a bitch, isn’t it?

I mean, if you’re doing it right, then most likely the dreams that are conjuring inside your imagination are so wild that it’s terrifying.

Regardless of how big or small that dream of yours is.

And by the way, I hope you never compare your dreams to others…

Your dreams are meant for you and only you, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of them.

But really, it’s not easy to push yourself to go after the things that set your soul on fire.

Sometimes it’s scary to even allow yourself to think that big.

For example, I have different tiers of fear for my ultimate dreams:

There’s the 1st tier:

  • My basic dreams/goals that I’m excited about and don’t have much resistance going after.

Then, there’s the 2nd tier:

  • The dreams are a little juicier and require some more effort than my usual input, but nothing unattainable.

And then there’s the 3rd tier:

  • My ultimate dreams that absolutely terrify me and have taken me years to even get the courage to start, and then continuously require an effort to get passed imposter syndrome.

We all have dreams that fall under these 3 tiers…

But, not everyone musters up the courage to go after their 3rd tier, some won’t even get to their 2nd tier.

I’m writing this as a toast to the ones who dream because it’s not easy.

Regardless of where you are, what you’re doing, or who you are right now…

Pursuing your dreams is not limited to only certain people.

They’re written in the stars and specially designed for every single human being on the planet to go after and fulfill.

I think going after our dreams is synonymous with stepping into the most authentic version of ourselves.

And this is why it’s so scary.

Because going after our dreams in a way is like illuminating the rawest, purest form of ourselves.

It’s chipping away at any bullshit or gunk that stands in the way between where we are at that moment and where we want to be.

And it shows us what we need to do to get to where we want to be.

And that my friends is what stops most people from even taking their first step forward.

Yes, there are many factors that go into achieving our wildest dreams…

But that doesn’t mean we have to let any of those things stop us from trying and trying and trying again until we finally get to where we want to be.

So, if you’re on the other side of this blog post right now and you’re scared of your dreams…

Good, I am too.

Absolutely petrified, I could throw up or have an anxiety attack at any moment.

But, it’s also extremely exciting.

So let’s focus on the good and put our fears aside.

Or better yet, become friends with our fears so they don’t paralyze us.

Because guess what…

Once you take a step away from your overthinking, you’ll realize that it’s just your brain trying to keep you safe, and that’s okay.

But it’s time to bypass our brains and step into our courage.

Because dreaming big is not about being safe, it’s the complete opposite.

It’s about taking risks that scare the hell out of you, but in return, you’ll always end up with either achieving that dream or a fantastic story.

And most of the time, you get both.

And if that isn’t the sweetness that life has to offer us, I don’t know what is.

So, I’m raising my glass to you –

The dreamers.

The visionaries.

The Imagineers.

The courageous ones who refuse to let themselves live their lives without going after what they truly want.

In whatever capacity that may be.

The true fire inside you.

I wish you immense courage as you either begin or continue to chase your dreams.

I’m right here with you.

I can’t wait to see what you do.



P.S. The Sonder is where people like you and me come together to encourage each other’s wild dreams. So if you’d like to join us, come on in, you’re gonna love it.

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