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Hi, I'm Anastasiya

Hello there you movie freak.

I’m Anastasiya and I’m the creator of Friday Film Club. So whenever you see my emails come through, now you know this is who’s sending those emails. 

I wanted to take a second to tell you exactly what Friday Film Club is and why I created it.

So, I’ve loved the movies ever since I was a kid. I would always say, “If I were to run away, you’d find me at the movies.” And that is still very true today. 

I have to say, the most mesmerizing feeling to me is sitting in the movie theatre, preferably packed, and being immersed in a movie so much so that I want to leap out of my seat, jump into the movie, and have my own character arc. 

Or when I get goosebumps at the peak of an epic movie soundtrack and it absorbs into me like ultraviolet light. It’s like the sound pulses through my bloodstream and tickles my cells. 

It’s when my brain and body feel most awake.

It’s fairly indescribable, but what I can say is that I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. 

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think deep down in every single one of us is a ball of fire, of passion, and that ball tells us exactly what we’re destined to do, especially if we listen closely enough. 

I’ve explored so many different types of interests in my life, but there’s something inside of me that consistently leads me back to cinema

All things cinema, not just movies. 

And at this point, I’ve realized that I have to live my life immersed in this world of movie-making, there’s simply no other way. 

And how do I know this?

Well, because if I had it my way, I’d live on a movie set and talk about movie-making, character arcs, cinematography, movie scores, costume design, actors, and screenwriting all day every day. 

Actually, one time when I was working at an elementary school and it was an extremely slow morning with no one around yet, I talked about movies with two of my co-workers for 6 hours straight…

And yes, it was awesome.

And I could’ve easily continued for another 6 hours. 

So, that’s how I know it’s my destiny, it’s practically written in the stars. 

Which brings me back to Friday Film Club.

There is no better person on the planet than a cinephile. Creepy word, I know, but a stellar human being. 

A cinephile is a moviegoer, someone with a passionate interest in cinema, and according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a devotee of motion pictures.

All different ways to say a person that f***ing loves movies. 

Like you and me.

And rather than all of us enjoying cinema separately…

Why not create a space where all of us movie freaks can gather and we can obsess about all things cinema together without bothering the normal folk who don’t necessarily want to listen to us talk about the entire MCU timeline from start to finish, or if Jimmy was actually planning to kill Henry’s wife Karen when she walked around the corner to pick some dresses out at the end of Goodfellas?

I don’t have the answer, but we gotta talk about it and this is where we can do that. 

The main event is our Weekly Watch Party every Friday.

Friday morning, you’ll get an email that outlines which movie we’re watching, plus the accompanying snack and drink of choice, of course, because what kind of lunatic doesn’t pair the perfect snack and drink with the movie they’re watching…

It’s the only way.

With that, I like to include cool news related to the industry:

  • Upcoming movies and TV series to add to your must-watch list.
  • Interesting updates and inspiring stories.
  • Worthwhile events to attend or tune into.

And if you’re curious about the movie picks, don’t worry, each week we choose a different genre to keep things spicy. 

So if you’re not a fan of rom-coms or comedy, which is odd, but that’s okay, one week maybe we’ll have 50 First Dates and the next we’ll have The Iron Claw, or maybe Momento then Saltburn.

You’ll like the choices, they’re not what you expect, and depending on the season or upcoming festivities, we’ll tailor movies to fit the mood. 

This is also a really great opportunity to expand your filmography and encounter films and TV that you may be familiar with, but also a lot of wild card choices. 

There is a lot of great movie-making out there that most of us never get to see or even know about, but we do here. 

And at the end, if you wanna share your thoughts about the film, we’ll meet on Letterboxd to chat it up.

You’ll find the link right here.

So, that’s the rundown of Friday Film Club.

There’s always more to know and the only way to get more information is to receive my super secret email. 

Which you can magically get in your inbox immediately if you exchange your email for it. 

So what I’m saying is subscribe right now and you can officially be part of Friday Film Club, which I’ve tailored to feel like being a member of The Order of The Phoenix, essentially. 

We even have our own password. 

You can add your name to the list right here.

I know, it’s so cool, so did you submit your email yet?

Okay, anyway, I know you will. So I’m going to leave you here and I’ll see you on the other side. 

See you soon. 



P.S. If you love being part of a community of people who support you and your dreams (like making your own movie, perhaps?), I’d like to formally invite you to The Sonder, the main community here.

The purpose of The Sonder is to encourage dreamers to follow their dreams – to take that leap of faith, to write that script, to take that chance, whatever is on your mind, this is a place for you to come and be reminded of the magic of it all.

I like to think of it as a lifeline.

Communicated through a newsletter, but it’s soon to become so much more.

I’ll leave the link here for you to explore.

I can’t wait to see your name pop up on the list!

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